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Can I have two users access the same checklist in Link?

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I have a husband and wife who both like to provide their own documents.  Is it possible for me to have both of them gain access to the same checklist in Link?  Or do I need to set up a duplicate checklist for each under their own email address?  They do not have a shared email.



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No, each Checklist can only be associated with one email address.  I wouldn't suggest duplicating the Questions/Document Checklist as it could be difficult and time-consuming to reconcile them.  Can they not share the login credentials since they both want to participate and would see what each other provides?

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Too many of my clients want dual access to Intuit Link.  40% to 50% of them have the situation where the taxpayer is not the main contact and does not handle the finances in the family but the spouse is.  If the current year invite is intiated from ProSeries, the rigidity of that rule (only one email) limits the ability to meet my clients expectations.  Please change this.  Link is already limited enough because of the need to pander to Credit Karma instead of actual users of their programs.  It is time to make substantive changes to this program that help users meet their clients expectations.

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