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Can I do a partial masking of PII on returns so only the last 4 or 5 digits show?

Level 1
At one point I was able to see a partial masking but now it's either completely masked or all info shows.  Clients prefer partial showing of info but not completely.
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Level 9

not sure what "PII" means but ProSeries offers mask sensitive data or not.  There are no options within those choices.

Level 12

I didn't attempt answer this questions bcause I too didn't know what PII was.... lol

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Level 15

Personally Identifiable Information?

Level 1

Yes.  Personally identifiable information.  Soc Sec  #s,  EIN, PTIN, etc.  example: Before when masking I was able to see: xxx-xx-1234

now it shows either fully masked xxx-xx-xxxx  or unmasked 123-45-6789

Any way to get it to show xxx-xx-1234?


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