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Can Form 6251 worksheet be substituted for the ATNOLD Worksheet?

Level 7

I am filing Form 1045 to claim a 2020 NOL carryback to a client's 2015 tax return.

Since PS doesn't include the ATNOLD worksheet to enclose with Form 1045 when filing a NOL carryback, I am considering including the 2015 F 6251 worksheet that includes the ATNOLD calculation for line 11 F 6251.

Has anyone had a problem doing this when filing a NOL carryback?

If this isn't acceptable then does anyone have a better option than creating the ATNOLD worksheet in excel? 

Also, it appears that the Other Income Statement in PS only has a line for a NOL carryforward. Can this line also be used for a NOL carryback? I manually entered the NOL carryback on the open lines on line 17 "Other taxable income". However, this results in an error on F 6251 line 10, NOL from line 21 since I have to override that line to have the NOL carryback number appear. 

Thank you.


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