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Can a wife-married filing jointly and (power of attorney) sign E-file authorization( form 8879 ) for her incapacitated spouse? Can she sign if NOT power of attorney?

Amy B
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With POA I would probably do it. (I have where a Child has a POA for an elderly parent)

Without POA - How would I know - I don't require Clients to sign in my presence. If she takes it home to husband and it comes back signed, I would transmit the return. That's between them. But I don't want someone signing someone else's name in front of me, without POA.

Level 15

If the spouse is incapacitated, what else are you going to do?  Besides, like Jeff referred to above - we aren't trained handwriting experts.  As long as there are two signatures on the form, are we going to start grilling our clients on whether or not one spouse signed for another?  CAGMC

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