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automatic update of proseries software

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every time i open the proseries software, it wants to update for something and i wait a few minutes on this. this goes on pretty much daily even after april 15th.

i understand that there is a way for the software to update at a set time every night.

my IT person tells me that the "central" server is being updated overnight and that there is no way for the same process to occur on my computer to save me some time.

does this sound right to anyone who understands the process better than i do, which would be just about everyone.

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After hanging around this place for a century or two, I will give you a little suggestion that I learned over time.  Never let the software run updates automatically.  Often there have been updates that totally screw up your software that leaves you hanging for an extended period of time while they try to fix the fix that they did.  Your best bet is check in here to see if there are multiple posts from folks saying they "ran an update this morning" and now they are dead in the water.  When you see those kinds of posts, make sure you don't hit that "update" button ------------------------ unless you enjoy misery.

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Level 15

I see an Update Repair tool in the Programs menu under ProWin 2019 (I thought I saw that it was to fix the update loop people get stuck in, but I dont see it for 2018 or earlier), and Im not sure if that's only for Stand Alone like I'm running or if that works for networked systems as well.