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Anyone else having trouble e-filing a large tax return with attachments?

Even had ProSeries Tech help and couldn't get it to e-file.  It is the exact same size with same attachments as years before and never had any trouble with this return then.  Another large return went through today with no problem, but had no attachments.  Tech person thought maybe it was due to Windows 10.  I think it is something with ProSeries, because the other large return went through no problem.  Any thoughts? 

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Is the attachment itself large?  That can cause problems.  Try shrinking down the PDF size (you can Google for various ways to do that).

I will try that! 

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I tried that method - got the attachments down to very small compared to what they were using Adobe Acrobat - but it still the return did not go through!  Darn!  It must not be the attachments....Any other ideas?  It is simply timing out and not going to ProSeries. 

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Level 15

Timing out could be an internet server issue, I'd disconnect wi-fi and restart the computer, reconnect wi-fi and restart proseries and see if you have better luck.

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I am replying to myself just to update - after trying all the ideas to no avail - it finally went through all by itself yesterday!!!  No explanation whatsoever!  So it was something in ProSeries - not my internet speed or the PDF's.   Thanks for the responses though.  Nice to know we are not alone out here.