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Amending Returns

Level 2

I filed a few returns prior to Pro series updating for the exclusion regarding Unemployment Compensation.  I read that the IRS will correct the returns. Has anyone seen this happen? I don't know if I should amend the returns or not? 

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Level 10

We have been told I believe to be patient and wait for the IRS to correct this... It is only April 16th...

Level 15

I think that's a summer project for the IRS.

IRS said don't amend.

Level 2

IRS had corrected it. When you click on their names a message will pop up , click the display changes and you'll see the corrected amount. Print it so you have the copy 

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Level 7

IRS cannot correct the return on your computer ProSeties updates has corrected in your computer you will have to amend your State tax returns

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Level 3

Last I knew, since this happened main stream, the IRS didn't want any amendments as of yet.   They had the software providers correct the program to reflect the 10,200 off the Federal return for newly filed returns from that date on  (around 3/16).  Best advice is to do print a list of who could be affected by this  change.. and wait until after tax season to see if the clients receive either a letter or corrected refund from the IRS.  Then do an amendment if necessary. ( As far as I've seen this does not come into play with NYS.. they subtract it in one area then add it back in to the taxable amount of income).

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