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Amending a return after agreeing to a CP2000

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Agreed to amount owed on a CP2000 for 2017 return.  Can I still file an amendment to recoup

some amounts stated on the form?

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Why was it agreed to if it was wrong?

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Yes. Be sure to document any changes very thoroughly.


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No, you don't file a 1040-X to close a CP-2000 case.

It is unclear what happened here, but maybe IRS proposed $X in tax, taxpayers answered that they only owe $(X--Y), and IRS agreed to the new amount, let's call it $Z.  

If that is the case, then IRS should send a recomputed CP-2000 that client (both, if joint) can sign as the agreement to $Z.  They can send a check with it also, or wait for a bill.

Don't agree to the Section 6662 penalty unless you see the supervisory approval.