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Amending a 1040 that was done by another accountant

Level 4

I have been on hold for 30 minutes waiting for the Proseries tech person to come back to the phone to try to efile an amended return that was originally efiled by H&R Block

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Level 8

Make your life easy.  Have the client mail in the amended return.  



Level 11

ProSeries does not allow this.  You'll have to either paper file or use different software.

Level 9

I am not sure but I do not think you can e-file an amended return since you did not prepare the original return.. Jack other posts on this forum about that... just my opinion

Level 9

Correction should be check not Jack... Google Voice 

Level 15

I hear voices from time to time too.  Quite often they tell me to buy more ACME products.  This time they are telling me that Intuit doesn't let you e-file amended returns that you didn't prepare.  They also tell me there are very few states that ProSeries shows as being eligible to e-file amended returns.  The voices also tell me to drink more Ovaltine, but those voices don't usually speak to me until closer to Christmas.

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Level 9

Iron Man, it is okay to hear voices as long as you do not answer out loud those voices... Just my humble opinion...

Level 15
Level 15

Hang up the phone.   Do you need help amending the return or are you trying to Efile it?  Efiling isnt an option if you didnt prepare the original return, but we can help you get the amended ready to mail if you need help with that.