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Amended Return Acknowledgement

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I amended a 1040 return since client originally claimed unemployment income.  The removal of the unemployment income caused the client to qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit.  Client still has not received refund.  She asked me to check the efile acknowledgement.  In looking through the software, I don't see the acknowledgement only the original efile acknowledgement.  Any ideas where I can find that?

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Level 11
Level 11

If you efiled the return in Pro Series it should show on your home screen. In any event check on IRS 

" Where's my amended return"

Level 15
Level 15
Well IRS told us NOT to amend for the unemployment exclusion, they would do it automatically, sooooo if you did successfully efile an amended return for this adjustment and IRS is adjusting it as well, Im sure its jammed up in manual processing somewhere to untangle the mess.

Level 8

If the originally e-filed 1040 did not have the CTC or EIC on it and the corresponding 8867 Due Diligence for that credit, the IRS is not correcting those returns and a 1040X must be filed. Has that changed?

Level 15
Level 15
yes, Im waiting for the IRS to make the UI adjustment and I'll use those figures in the "original" column on the amended return.

Theyre just too much of a mess in there, Im waiting for all the smoke to clear before sending any amendments for returns that are impacted by the UI exclusion adjustment IRS will be making.

Level 14

You did the right thing, filing the amended return when it includes EIC not previously claimed.  If original returns are taking 12 to 14 weeks, I would expect amended returns to take 16 to 24 weeks.  Here is the link to check the status, but it probably won't show up there for a while: