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Amended 1040 vs superceded??

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I filed the client's 1040 in May; client owes tax which he planned to pay by July 15.  He has now found additional documentation which will eliminate the tax owed and give him a small refund.  I am preparing a 1040X which will show zero in the field "tax paid with original return" and show a small refund.  I know that the IRS is going to expect their money and probably send him notices that he has not paid the tax that was due on the original return because they are not going to look at this amended return for weeks or months.   Should I write "Superseded" on top of the 1040X.  Am I approaching this situation properly?  Thank you for your advice.

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Level 15

Anything sent in on paper will be sitting for multiple months before anyone touches it, Im not sure it will matter if it says Superseded or not by that point.

You may want to wait and Efile an amended return when they open that ability later in August..assuming ProSeries will have this function..I saw notification that Lacerte will be ready, but nothing official for ProSeries.

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@Just-Lisa-Now- wrote:

You may want to wait and Efile an amended return when they open that ability later in August..

 Wow, you are brave Lisa.  I wouldn't want to be the guinea pig for the new IRS amended system and the new Intuit programming update for that.

I wouldn't want to try that out until sometime in 2021.  😀

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Level 15
I plan on waiting until 2021 as well...but mailing in a paper return right now, it may not be processed until 2021 as it is....so people that need to send in an amended or superseded return before 2021, are kind of caught between a rock and a hard place.....I guess ultimately its up to the taxpayer which route they want to go once you lay out the options available.

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Here's a good article on superseding returns:


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No, neither "Suspended", or "Superceded" is the lingo that the IRS will accept as part of a tax filing. If you filed the previous return without a payment, the tax software would have generated a balance due. When you file the amended return, you only change the forms that are effected by the change.  My suggestion is go to the Form 1040X instructions, and follow what the IRS requires as part of a change. Make sure you write Original Return - Do Not Process on the heading of the original forms, and Amended As Filed on the amended forms that effected the change. Only include the forms that are effected by the change - Original, and Amended. If you include the entire return on forms that have not changed, the IRS will send it back with scribbles on it, and you will have to refile it. Read the instructions, and follow them as described.

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