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After Nov. 20, 2021, When will 2020 individual federal returns be accepted for e-filing again?

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When e-filing opens up again in January 

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I suggest signing up for the IRS Announcements, as *they* are the only ones that know.  And they haven't shared that info just yet.

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IRS hasnt announced it yet.

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For those keeping score at home, the federal Office of Personnel Management announced today that only 91.5% of Treasury employees have had at least one vaccine.  Monday was supposed to be the deadline for that.  Counting those who have pending or approved waivers, the compliance rate is 98.3%, which is better than Social Security, Justice or Homeland Security.  Unfortunately, they don't break it down by agency, so we don't know how many people at IRS will choose to leave, or be out of a job.  

If those who work on e-filing systems are among the refuseniks, there may be a delay until replacements are hired and trained.