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Level 4

Does anyone know how to add multiple allocations to the 8962.  I have one policy with three separate filers, I need to allocate two socials on the additional allocation, but I can't find how to add multiples, it only lets me add one.  HELP!

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Level 12

There is no need to add multiple Social Security Numbers.  Pick one.



Erik completes Form 8962, Part IV, line 30, as follows.

Column (a).

 Erik enters the Marketplace-assigned policy number from Form 1095-A, line 2.

Column (b).

 Erik enters either Bill’s SSN or Sharon’s SSN.

Column (c).

 Erik enters "01."

Column (d).

 Erik enters "12."

Columns (e), (f), and (g).

 Erik enters an allocation percentage of “0.35” in columns (e), (f), and (g), which is the percentage of policy amounts not allocated to Bill or Sharon.
Level 11

There should be some sort of trigger warning here so that we don't even have to look at questions like this.  If someone with that problem walked into my office (well, OK, I don't take walk-ins) I would ask them how much they wanted to go down the street to H&R Block.  

Why did Watergate have to happen?  Nixon's healthcare plan was far more radical than Obamacare, didn't involve tax returns, and came so close to enactment.  

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