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2021 Program Download

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I'm new to ProSeries.  This is my first year using the professional program.  I downloaded the 2021 update to become familiar with the layout and to transfer my clients from my previous program provider.  I also wanted to have access to Link.  I plan on sending an email to my clients with the Link information and ask that they access it prior to the start of tax season so we can work through any issues.  

In reading through other posts, I see where experienced members tend to wait to download the program until later.  Am I missing something?  Won't future program updates by Intuit correct anything that may have been missing / incorrect from my early download?  I obviously don't plan on preparing any returns prior to tax season but shouldn't my program be up-to-date and current once the season begins?   

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Level 15

Go ahead and download but DO NOT transfer clients yet.  Bad things tend to happen to folks that transfer clients early.

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You're right, it SHOULD be up to date once tax season starts. But look for updates throughout the tax season correcting Proseries errors and IRS/State updates. 

I wait until mid-December to download the software. I'm not very interested in starting the tax season too early.    

Level 15

@GodFather   Welcome to the forum!   You are correct that any imperfections in the program now should/will be corrected with a future update.  Many of us wait to download until we are ready to transfer prior year returns.  Experience has taught us transferring too soon can be problematic.    Many download now to access the organizer.  


Level 15

Go ahead and download but DO NOT transfer clients yet.  Bad things tend to happen to folks that transfer clients early.

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Level 14

Iron Man Is Right... If you want to see how the program works just set up a sample client and you can learn the program with that...

Level 11

I have been a proseries user since at least 2001, and I always transfer all of my files for ORGANIZER printing as soon as the program is released.

As for Tax Preparation files I transfer the files as the client information for preparation comes in. (That makes sure that each one is up to date as possible.)

A few I do early for tax planning purposes, but delete (or rename) and retransfer them.

Never used the link, so I don't know if you transfer and set up link, then delete and re transfer if you have to do it all over again.


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 would like to download the 2021 program

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Go for it; you have 'my' permission.

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I transfer the clients now ONLY because it is the only way to access client checklists and I make sure to hit check for updates every morning when I open the program. Every comment here is correct - Bad things do and have happened even though all updates SHOULD fix the bugs. Just as long as you are aware and checking as you go. If Intuit would have a way to access the checklist another way I would not download until January.