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2020 client data files erased but esig info populating

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Here is my dilemma, both of my USB backups for my 2020 client data files died. I have no idea how this happened; have since moved to cloud service and external hard drive. Please no judgement - it’s been a rough two months. That being said, I’ve been able to recover all my returns through DocuSign as I used the esig feature and when I transferred my client list from 2019 back into my 2020 software to attempt some sort of recovery, the esig acknowledgement populated along with how many returns I had Efiled. So my question is, if the software knows this, is there any way to recover this as the software had to convert these returns to efile them? And if so - how do I go about recovery efforts? 

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Did you manage to repair it?

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Well, the problem seems to be serious. I am not a professional, but I have been in a slightly similar situation regarding data recovery. I have accidentally deleted all my working data from my PC. It was all in one big folder, and I don’t know how, but I deleted it. It was too big to go into the trash bit, so it got completely deleted. I tried to recover it myself, but all my attempts failed. I’ve managed to recover only a small part and was afraid that my attempt may aggravate the situation. That’s why I’ve decided to make data recovery in a professional service. It was a good decision because they managed to get most of my data back, and I was so relieved.

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