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2020 Automatic Estimated Tax Payment


How can I change the automatic 2nd quarter estimated payment date from 6/15/20 to 7/15/20?

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a) wait for the software to be updated or

b) include it with the first quarter payment

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Or just pay it June 15th like everyone was planning on doing anyway.  If everybody waits until July 15th to pay balance dues and estimate payments, how are they going to have enough money to pay stimulus checks to the rest of the dead people in this country?

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Have you efiled the return yet?   I have one client setup with automatic estimate payments that was efiled prior to the due date change.  I've wondered what date these payments will actually be withdrawn.   Client is prepared for the normal 04/15 and 06/15.  I'm now more concerned they won't come out on those dates and he'll get blindsided in July.  I don't want to be his estimate babysitter but looks like I will need to do some follow up calls.