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2020 1040 balance due paid electronically

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Has anyone else had a taxpayer's balance due on their 2020 tax return not paid electronically on the date 4/15/21? This was the date chosen for the payment.

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Yes, several clients have called. Just a few minutes ago  ProSeries issued an alert saying they had an error in their transmission to IRS. This was right after ProSeries sent me a renewal notice for 2021-johnny on the spot for their money, before the tax season even over, and now another hassle to clean up, mad clients and IRS penalty abatement letters to write down the road. 


Level 3

Yes, I have also heard from clients about this issue. Will ProSeries being refunding the penalties to the taxpayers affected by this, as they rightfully should? Some of these are very large payments. This is totally unacceptable.

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Yes, fallbrookian, you can start renewing this wonderful software for an additional $402 over last year for me. 

Let me jump right on this!!

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HI, I did not see the alert about April 15 payments not being processed.  How do we correct it


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