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Level 2

I have a 1099-OID from Charles Schwab which is reporting Total Acquisition Premium in Box 6, Total Bond Premium in Box 10 and Total Tax-Exempt OID in Box 11.  All of the numbers relate to municipal bonds.  When I double click the line on Schedule B to go to the Additional Information worksheet, there is a place to enter 1099-OID information for Box 6 and Box 10, but the heading says to enter numbers if you have state tax withheld, which there isn't.  Can anyone help with where to enter these numbers?  By the way, Box 1 is zero.

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Level 11

Additional information worksheet Section D Bond discount and premium information  lines 1 thru 4  is where you want to enter your information.    It does not reference your box #s but it does have the descriptions of the information for each box from the 1099-OID