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1095-A premium tax credit and self-employed health ins deduction

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Self employed taxpayer paid approx 18,000 in market place insurance in 2020 (did not receive a subsidy).  AGI without $18,000 SE Health Ins deduction is over 400% of poverty level so not entitled to any premium tax credit and if so, then I believe the taxpayer should be able to get the tax deduction for the $18,000 paid for self-employed Health Insurance.  But if put in the $18,000 as a SE hlth ins deduction, the AGI is now under the 400% poverty level and proseries calculates the taxpayer is entitled to a premium tax credit of almost $18,000.  My understanding is that if you are entitled to the premium tax credit, then you would not be entitled to the SE hlth ins deduction on that amount.  When I link the 1095A to the Sch C, proseries and make the adj for premium tax credit, proseries only allows a SE Hlth ins deduction of only $649 and no premium tax credit. If I don't link it and add the $18,000 direct as a SE hlth insurance deduction, then proseries once again calculates the premium tax credit on almost the full amount of the premiums paid.  I would think the taxpayer would be entitled to the tax savings on the $18,000 SE Hlth ins deduction and not be entitled to the premium tax credit, but I cannot get proseries to give that benefit without also giving the premium tax credit and I don't believe I can just override the premium tax credit on the Form 8962.  Is my understanding wrong? (they can't get both the Premium tax credit and the SE hlth ins deduction) or is there a workaround to at least give the taxpayer the SE hlth ins deduction without the premium tax credit?

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The incompetent developers intentionally disabled that part of the program last week, so now it doesn't work.  And so far, the Moderators have not responded to me about it.

Maybe these links will help: