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Greta R
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I am trying to amend a return that I did not originally do.  When trying to efile the 1040X the software is telling me that I cannot amend because the return has not been efiled with the IRS.  The client did it herself through Turbo Tax and made a mistake.  I tried to trick the system and tell it that it was filed in the Client Status form, but that did not work either.  Are there any secrets to Efile a 1040X from a Client who efiled her own 1040?

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There are numerous posts on this issue.

Unless YOU efiled the original return, using PS software, YOU can't efile the 1040-X.

It's an Intuit rule.  One I think is rather stupid.  

(Disclaimer - Bob, I'm not saying Intuit is stupid.)

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"Stupid" is such a weak adjective.  I have avoided its use since junior high.  What we need here is something like "inexplicable."  Intuit decision makers get paid too much money to be accused of lacking intelligence.  Why won't they tell us their reason?  

"Rule" is not the right word either. Czars make rule for peasants.  Corporations don't make rules for customers.  Let's call it what it is -- a limitation.  

The software review season is coming up.  When asked, or when given the opportunity to comment, everyone should make sure they mention this "inexplicable limitation."  

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I have had that problem; I think if you did not efile the original return, you are not able to efile an amended. I have been able to amend returns I efiled, but have never been able to efile an amended return that someone else efiled. which doesn't make sense, only time I amend a return I prepared is if my client forgot something or got a K-1 2-4 months late!

Level 15

You need to separate "Efile" and "amend" and "who prepared" it. You have it all confused.

For 1040X:

Intuit provides the Program you are using. This program is only set to Amend a return that you prepared in the program, and it will only Efile that amendment if the original return You Efiled, from This Program, also was Efiled.

Of course you can amend any return, even if you did not prepare the original. You can paper file anything.

You cannot Efile that amendment, even if it was Efiled originally (but by a different program and/or by someone else), or even if it was paper filed by anyone (including you), unless it was Efiled by You, using the same program now (to amend) that you used originally, to prepare and Efile the original return you are amending and would like to Efile.

It has nothing to do with the IRS or anything other than, the way your Program was programmed.

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