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Letters don't print with Organizers


My first thoughts, and no, I don't use the 1040s yet, just the Organizers.:

1) Control Y doesn't work, but File Print Options works the same.

2) The Organizers letters do not allow "Print with Organizer." There is no option to do this. 

There is a NEW way to Manage Standard Letters inside the Tools Letters menu within the Organizer itself, and that has a NEW "Print with Return Setup" menu to get to Print with Return or Organizer" and another drop down menu, but clicking on Standard Client Letter with Organizer doesn't work.

If it ain't broke, let's break it.

{Edit} When using the NEW Manage Standard Letters sub-menus, adding Letters to Print with Return worked in the 1040 and 1041, but not in the Organizer. I need that fixed now or I have to print them separately(times 427!) and then sort to get them to the right client instead of printing them all at once.

{Second Edit} IT WORKS, but it prints the Filing Copy and not the Client Copy. On the Print menu, it says Short Organizer Client Copy. BUT...  it prints the Filing copy. The PDF is called Smith1040_19o_FC. So, you must check the box for Print with Return Setup-Organizer for attaching standard letter to Filing Copy. Thank goodness I figured that out.

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I noticed that when I did a Print Preview a bunch of forms that weren't part of the return were in there to appears to be a work in progress!

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Just Lisa, see my {Second Edit} above.
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The second edit works. Thanks a bunch. I have approx 1200 organizers to get out and I'm already late due to upgrading 7 workstations and a server to Win 10 Pro 64 Bit. I still think Intuit owes it to it's thousands of customer to fix this programming glitch. I've been with them for 20 years using ProSeries Professional. What's wrong with their tech support team that this issue hasn't been resolved if the software has been available for approximately 1 month? Shame! Shame!


Being as non-technical as I am, I am guessing that the new printing menus, etc. messed the FC versus CC attachments programming.

Hey, I just tried to use the 2018 Query function to see which clients lost the Tuition Deduction which might come back under the newest tax law. One of the 2018 Query More Information clicks says it uses 2016 data for 2017.

That's only typed in information, but it is rather past due. Don't trust everything you read.

I believe the Query is working on 2018 returns, though.

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I'm having the same problem but have not been able to figure out how to add the engagement letter to the organizer.  Can you provide some details as to how you "made the magic happen"?  I would be so grateful!  Just spent an hour on the phone with Proseries help, and they just said that the organizer for 2019 is not yet fully updated.

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Copy and paste. Several years ago I just used the insert function to get the entire engagement letter, then modified it to my liking. 

Every year I just copy and paste from the prior year into the standard for the current year.

It doesn't work in Word; you have to use WordPad or some other RTF program, not DOC.

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