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How can I delete a "marked for efile" return in home base?

I prepared a return "marked for efile" partnership 1065 and 568 CA ty 2019
Because I tried to fix errors "ordinary income showed red line in sche K by activities "and not work. I decided to start all over the return
I opened file and remove check mark in efile section of Fed information WS.
Then I am not able to delete the file directly from home base  
I go to C://PRO19/Data and deleted the file  and deleted the file in recycle bin
Now I still see the file as CA LLC 1065 (weird) and not able to open it (no file and permanent deleted file ). I assumed that I did not remove efile section of  state
I am working on new file (same EIN). Proseries Professional recognized the same EIN and indicated duplicated file.
I assume that I cant efile the working file (duplicate file )now
How can I delete the unneeded file in the home base?
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When in homebase (regular homebase, not EF center), highlight the client and hit the delete key on your keyboard.
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Thank for your response

My assistant could do it on her PC's homebase 

I could not delete on the homebase as you stated

That why I got problem as you please reread it 

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 Sounds like its just HB thats goofy?  Will running the Homebase Database Maintenance fix it?