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E-Filing a 2018 Form 1040 in Proseries now that I've chosen Proconnect Online for my 2019 tax season


I used Proseries for my 2018 tax season filings and have one still that needs to be sent for e-file.  But since I have chosen Proconnect online for my 2019 tax season, when I attempt to file the 2018 form in Proseries, I'm getting a message saying I don't have a 'fast path license' for my software anymore and therefore cannot efile the 2018 tax return.   I don't understand how this can happen when I'm only trying to file a return in tax software which I've already paid for for the 2018 season and it's a 2018 tax return...  Please help!


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A few years ago Intuit "gave their users what they requested"  (at least that is the official line) when they created the fast path fee.  So now, if you quit using the software you are no longer able to print or e-file new returns.  Rather than trying to pay the fast path fee to Intuit, you might want to just file it using the online program.

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As the IRMN says, considering filing with PTO.  One credit will be deducted from your TY2019 balance for filing the TY2018 return.

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