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which program to use

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Which product is best utilized to file for a non profit organization?

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Which is the best automobile for someone to buy?  Single person?  Married couple with 15 kids?  Construction worker that hauls a half ton of materials each day?  One size doesn't fit all for a vehicle and it doesn't for a tax software either.  Is the return so simple that it could easily be prepared manually or is it so complex that it would take forever and a day to do it manually?  Depending on the complexity of the return, is it better to pay for a software package or to pay for a tax professional to prepare the return?  

Or are you even talking about an accounting package instead of a tax package?

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Quite simple program that would be able to be completed manually.


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Here are the Inuit Products


ProConnect may be the cheapest choice, if this is all you are doing, but you SHOULD get an EFIN, which is required to e-file.


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I recommend this:



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Maybe I'm misinterpreting your post, but it seems like you are not a tax professional.  If that is the case, I highly recommend having a tax professional prepare the tax return.  In most cases, a tax-exempt organization tax return is not a do-it-yourself project.

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