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Why did Intuit begin charging for prior year returns?


The purpose of this article is to address the questions related to charges for prior year returns, a change beginning January 1, 2020.

Why did Intuit begin charging for prior year returns?

To help our customers manage costs associated with imperfect tax return volume forecasting, we implemented locked-in pricing beginning in 2020. This change enables you to purchase the exact volume of returns that you need without penalty if you need more.  As part of the change, we also implemented changes to how we charge for prior year returns. When you print or e-file a prior year return (tax year 2013-2018) after January 1, 2020, it will be decremented from your 2020 credits. If you started a prior year return before December 31, 2019 you will not be charged.

Why didn’t Intuit communicate that prior year returns would be charged?

We recognize that our communication plan didn’t give enough time for users to react to the changes.  This was an oversight on our part and we apologize for the inconvenience it caused. More communications are going out beginning January 13, 2020 within product, social, and community channels.  More information on the changes can be found in this post. Our Terms of Services were updated to reflect this change in October of 2019.

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