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Prior Corporate Return / Wrong Year and Ending Date

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Good afternoon.  Last year I did a Form 1120 return that was intended to cover a short period of several months, ending October 31, 2018.  Instead, it was filed as a 2018 return for "tax year beginning 10/31/2018, ending 9/30/2018."  I have just now caught the error.  I am trying to file the return for 11/1/2018 to 10/31/2019, which would be a true "2018" return.  However, ProConnect will not let me file this new return because I previously filed a return with year 2018.  

To complicate matters, the previously filed return is no longer in ProConnect.  So, I am not sure the best way to amend that return or how I go about amended a return when the only amendment is the date that the return covers.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I don't think the date error is significant....

The fact that the short year year was already efiled precludes efiling the year 2018-2019.  You'll have to do that one on paper... 

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