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My client changed her email and I changed it but she cannot get in because it takes her to the old email which is no longer in use. How can I correct this issue?

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The email address is really a user id.  The new email that you update under Client Info is used only for communication purposes but the Link for taxpayer is still connected to the old email address (i.e. user id).

So long as your client still has the password, she can still log in.  It would be advisable for her to update her user id to her new email address by logging into One Intuit Account (OIA) at

In case she lost her password but no longer has access to her old email account, she can still recover it with her Last Name, DoB, SSN, and ZIP code.  She can do so at the login screen by clicking on I forgot my user ID or password followed by Try something else on the next screen.

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