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Request a case management tool for ProConnect

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Request a case management tool for ProConnect

  • What am I asking?

I am asking Intuit to provide proper support to ProConnect users with case management tool with which we can create, track, and search support cases.

A "cases" link in the panel would be ideal, but I will leave the implementation detail to the company.

  • Why am I requesting this?

Current support model does not work well for complex cases which requires follow up.

The "Live Chat" works well if I have a relatively simple question such as where to put a dependent information, and how do add a state. However when the question is more complicated and an easy answer cannot be found within the chat session, the representative often opts to provide a plausible answer and close the chat, or they ask the customer to send a feedback, or send an email to the support. Both have problems.

Firstly we have contacted the support, and together we have collectively invested a precious period of time, we should built on top of that instead of starting from zero, or there is no value add on the part of support. Besides the feedback app is so rudimentary that we cannot send a return, or include an image, and there is no mechanism for feedback (to us). Email is not an adequate tool for support, just as the pencil and paper are not suitable tools to prepare taxes.

I believe the situation can be better served by opening a case summarizing what the issue is, and what we have discussed, so that we can continue where we left off.

  • Is what I am asking reasonable?

Yes, ProConnect is essentially a piece of professional software, and as a software system, it shares characteristics as other software system: it has bugs and it needs enhancements, and by fixing bugs and making enhancements, the software evolves. It is different than a commodity product, such as Turbo Tax for end users, for which most of the questions are input questions, and can be resolved during a phone call.

To have a support tool to create a case and follow through is a software industry standard, both open source and commercial. for example, Oracle. It is hard to imagine a software company that does not have one.

  • What benefits will support tool provides?

The customers will have a centralized views for all the issues (questions, bugs, enhancements) that you reported, and their statuses (accepted, verified, fixed, etc). They know what to expect, and they can review the past cases.

The support does not have to struggle to find an answer within the chat session or phone call, it is quite normal that there is no ready answer for a complex problem, instead they write an issue report for following up. If the company chooses to publish the known issues and workaround (as Oracle does), the customer can search before calling for support, and this will greatly reduce the repeat calls.

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Level 3

I believe what Puravidapto is asking is reasonable and even necessary.

Level 5

I am sorry for the long idea, let us make it short:

When you contact support for an issue, do they resolve it every time during the chat session? If not, do you wish your issue be tracked and followed up later on? If so, then please vote FOR the idea. Thank you!

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