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Fix the portal so it shows when clients upload every time. The notifications this year are horrible. Only notifies the first time the client goes through the portal. doesn't even show an update of what was uploaded anymore - just updates for answers to questions

& make it faster or at least optional to have these new features that slow everything down disabled maybe? i'm only having problems with proconnect speeds this year. usually, the computer's waiting for me to catch up. this year's the other way around and i'm unable to spit out basic returns as in 15-30 minutes like I used to... might go back to non-cloud tax software next year if necessary. qbo seems to work just fine though so it really must be the proconnect updates.

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I've been having issues with processing times too.  And, it would be great to at least have the option to get notifications as client responds. 

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Is this "portal" Intuit Link?

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