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Why details on depreciation listing doesn't open

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I have worked around this in the past by exiting the depreciation list and coming back in.  But I cannot get the details to open at all on this complicated return.
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The dropdown for depreciation is always a bit wonky.  Usually, I have to click it twice, first, to get the Methods to show, second time, to get the class life under the applicable method.

You may like to try again and give the system time to respond.  It takes a bit of patience but it should work.

Otherwise, go through the normal routine:

  • Use only PTO-supported browsers;
  • Use PTO only in incognito mode - this helps avoid various problems;
  • Reload frame within PTO;
  • Clear cache (and history);
  • Restart browser;
  • Restart computer/device;
  • Use another supported browser.
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Thank you for your reply - but you missed my problem. It is not a drop down issue. It is when I click on "Details" nothing happens (no matter how many times you click.) This is typically caused by an asset name that is too long. Not fun to find on long lists. In the past I have gotten around it by exiting the depreciation list, navigating to another section and coming back. But it did not resolve. I finally was able to resolve this by looking through the list for long names and shortening them. I had this issue last year as well. I would love to see Intuit resolve this - maybe with a warning the asset names are too long, or have it simply work!



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