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What is a reasonable rate to charge for preparing individual tax returns?

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I charge $ 250/hour.  Then I adjust depending on how fast I am (or, how slow), how organized (or disorganized) the client is, and on the complexity of the return.

YMMV - depending on what part of the country you are in, the type of clients you have (or want to have), and the economic environment.

There will ALWAYS be preparers who charge more, or less than what you want to charge.

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It depends on how great you really are.  What kind of experience and expertise do you have?  How much is someone willing to pay for that expertise?  But in any case a lot really will depend on the area you pitch your tent.  Fees for return preparation are going to be a lot higher for someone working in downtown LA (Los Angeles) than they would be for someone working out in the sticks in rural LA (Louisiana).  

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Agree with Anna and Jeff.  A lot of that is down to your credential, experience, specialization, and locality.

If you need comprehensive reference, consider joining NATP and NSA.  Both publish annual reports with detailed breakdown by return types, major forms, hourly rates, billing practice, locality, firm size, among other things.

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"It depends".  That is the correct answer for almost every question regarding taxes.