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View Returns by Preparer

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I would like to print a list of tax returns filed in ProConnect by the preparer. I invited each user and setup a corresponding preparer in the software so the correct preparer name displays on the tax return, but I don't see the preparer name on any of the lists (Tax returns, clients, EFile Dashboard). How can I see the returns filed by a specific preparer or user? Or how to create a client list with preparer shown in one of the columns?

There has to be a way, Im just missing it!

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Unfortunately, the only reliable PTO user that could answer that question has evidently vanished because Intuit may have pissed him off one time too many.  You may have to call support to get help with that question.  Actually you may have to call support with any future issues as well since Intuit evidently has abandoned helping folks with PTO questions here.

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Level 15

Not many PTO users in here, but Facebook DOES have a ProConnect Tax Online group that has Intuit employees as Admins.   If you are a FB user, you should join their group!