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Received Intuit Link from my Accountant. Logged in to my Mint account. Site tells me to get an invite from Accountant

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I'm a client of our accountant who sent me an Intuit Link email. When I click on it, it asks me to either sign up for an Intuit account or to log in. I already have an account that was signed up with Mint.com, and so I provide that credential.

Once logged in, the page still tells me:

Hello there!
You've found Intuit Link.

As a taxpayer, you’ll be able to easily gather and share your tax documents with your accountant. But first, you’ll need to ask your accountant to invite you.

If you’ve already been invited by your accountant, then sign out and sign in with the email address your accountant used to invite you.
It also shows the username I'm logged in with.
I have signed out and signed back in to not available. The email address I sign in with is what was sent to by the Intuit Link invite.
I do see at the upper-right corner that Tax Years for more than 5 years are shown. I'm unable to proceed, and I wanted to reach out to here first before I ask my accountant to look into this issue.
Anybody know what's going on? Thank you for any guidance you can provide.
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I would probably start by asking your accountant about it.

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Indeed I have... just doing my due diligence in case they don't have the answer 🙂

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Welp, no help from both the accounting firm and Intuit -- I found no way to contact support via Chat (link takes you to an endless loop). I haven't called Intuit yet.

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