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Re: K1 Line Item 17 AC Showing Gross Income

Level 1

1- Today is February 28 2021 and that error is still appearing in my client's K-1. How can I fix that? Not funny to have finish  4 returns with the code 17-AC on their K-1 schedules and to not find someone to Chat with or help you because the waiting time is too long. Trying to establish a Chat with QBO or PCT is frustrating.

2- Also, in my return, I have been getting a critical message that the EIN number for a W-2 is incorrect, and it is not! Can I file my taxes with that critical error????



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Level 15

I believe the solution is that there is no input for 17AC. If you feel the item actually applies to the return. then analyze the wording for 17AC statement and do what is necessary.

You can not efile with an incorrect EIN, even if it is correct. My suggestion - delete the EIN, have a cup of tea or whiskey, then come back and enter the EIN again. That often does miracles. 

Level 1

Hi George, thanks for answering. No, the 17AC should not be there and I am not entering any information that can trigger this outcome.... and I still need help.

Regarding the incorrect EIN, is not incorrect and I did just what you suggested, deleted the form, inputted all information again, closed the computer, leave it alone, did something else for a while, and came back to work on it but both errors are still there... Trying to contact ProConnect with no luck.

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Same problem here, code AC with a number next to it is showing up on one of the partnerships K-1s.  The other 20 K-1's have no code or related figure.

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