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Proconnect overcharging me on sales tax

Jennie Beth
Level 1

ProConnect has been overcharging me on sales tax recently.  My order receipts have the correct amount and they have then been charging me an additional amount after the fact.  I had to call 3 times to even figure out what the charge was.  The guy told me their system is charging me the tax of the city which is 9% but I am not in city limits I pay 8%.  So when I initially pay for the returns I am paying the correct 8% but then they are charging my card for the difference.  The customer service agent said there is no way to correct it and they most likely wont refund me for the incorrect amounts!  How can I fix this?

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Level 15

Ask to speak to a supervisor.  If they can't help, ask to speak to their supervisor.  If they can't help, ask to speak to their supervisor.  Keep doing that until you get the problem solved or until you get to the the Intuit President.

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Level 14

Is your mailing address in the city?  Do you share a ZIP Code with the city?  Intuit the software company is probably buying from another software company that tells it how much to collect for sales tax.  Probably a letter to the right person at Intuit would work better than a long multi-transferred phone call.  But try to identify the cause of the problem, first.