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Parnership K-1 Box 11 Code I

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I have a K-1 with Box 11 code I entree in it. The footnote description is : Non-portfolio long-term capital gain.  I can not find an input for that. Also, would it be taxed differently from regular long-term capital gain? Subject to net investment income? (client's income level is in that territory)

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K-1 should come with a multi page instruction sheet https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1065sk1.pdf

From that you would find:

• Net short-term capital gain (loss) and net
long-term capital gain (loss) from
Schedule D (Form 1065) that isn't portfolio
income. An example is gain or loss from the
disposition of nondepreciable personal
property used in a trade or business activity
of the partnership. Report total net short-term
gain (loss) on Schedule D (Form 1040 or
1040-SR), line 5. Report the total net
long-term gain (loss) on Schedule D (Form
1040 or 1040-SR), line 12.

I believe that confirms you inclination to just include it with line 9a.

I believe that will throw it into being subject to net investment income.


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