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Newbie with taxes, need to submit 990 EZ (with schedule A,B, and O) Help please!!

rash worth
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Hi there, 

I'm new to a financial role with a non profit. We have completed out 990 EZ using the traditional its form, but we need to submit using an online portal so we selected pro connect and hope to integrate with our quickbooks account for next year's return.

I am having some issues inputting my info from the traditional form into the pro connect version, i.e. some questions and answers I don't think we need to answer, things not exactly matching up from the traditional form.

I honestly think I need to just call someone and share a screen?! Any guidance is appreciated.


Thank you. 

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"Any guidance is appreciated."

Pull last year's return and use it for guidance.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.
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