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New Address Old Return with Old Address info

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Which address should I used.  Client tax docs show old address.  Can't used direct deposit of refund since the return is after the cut off November/2019 for a 2018 return


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Huh?  do you mean on the IRS portal for the EID payment?

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Don't worry, so far it appears that the Treasury Dept is on top of this.  I'm sure a dead person will be receiving your client's $1200 payment shortly.

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if filing a 2018 return, use the address where client is currently living.  if the irs sends any notices I would assume you would like your clients to receive them(!).  I don't see why they can't use direct deposit for any 2018 refund as long as (again) the account is open now!  I have a client who used direct deposit for 2018 refund and another account for his 2019 refund (e-filed & accepted march 30). he tells me the stimulus payment (per irs.gov) went into his 2018 account -- fyi.  so yes @IRonMaN irs is really careful with the stimulus $$$