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Is it true Pro Connect doesn't allow filing of 2018 tax returns until January 2020?

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Go here to read about how the IRS is controlling this, and how your tax program fits into the IRS schedule:

Make sure to expand each section.
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The IRS is the one 'not allowing efiling' until sometime in January.  They shut down (every year) to retool the system for the upcoming filing season.  

ProSeries (as well as all other software) is just along for the ride.

You CAN still file tho - but only on paper.


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Since it's the IRS that's in control, what about the state of CT?  Can I file the state return electronically even though the feds aren't open for electronic filing?


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If CT is a piggyback state - no.  If it isn't - maybe.  You would have to check with CT.

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