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I'd like to send a custom organizer to myself so I can see exactly what clients will receive. How can I do that?

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I just did this on Friday.  First, create the organizer.  Then click edit, then copy and paste the organizer to MS Word and print.  This allows you to see what your clients will see and also offers you the opportunity to make corrections before sending it to clients.

I hope this helps, it worked for me.

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Are you referring to a conventional organizer or Link Questionnaire/Documents Checklist?

If it's the latter, the best way to do that is to finalize your custom Questionnaire/Document Checklist.  You should then create a new client and a new return with your own email address (must not be the one you use to log into PTO).  Send yourself and invite and request.  You can then log in with this mock client account and see what your clients will see.

You should always have a mock client account so that you can test the workflow (which may change slightly year to year) and guide your clients who may have problems using Link.

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