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How do I prepare a superseding return for MFJ to MFS to get the unemployment exclusion in Proconnect

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I filed a tax return as MFJ and due  to income  of $194,647,the unemployment is taxable. I would like to file a superseding return and file both MFS as since California is a community property state and by doing so there would be an additional 900 refund. I did not find any new training in the webinars so I can file the Form 8958. Has anyone accomplished this yet? Thanks

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Split the returns... adjust as necessary.  Print, mail (I would do it by April 15 to be safe altho May 17th may be OK).

You cannot efile a superseding return. 

And prepare yourself, and your client for love letters from the IRS.  Evaluate whether a $ 900 savings will be worth it in the long run.

It wouldn't be in my practice.  YMMV

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Thank you. If I decide to proceed do you know if I need to make a copy in Proconnect as you would for an amendment and complete one return and then start another or am I doing the two returns by hand?

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I just did that in ProSeries.  If I were to do it again, I would complete the 8958 using the joint return already filed -- but then start over with two new returns, and just input the numbers from the 8958.  If there are no separate income items, you might be able to just change the name and switch the SSN's on the first one, to do the second one.  Make sure you save under different names.  

I also used $300 for the charitable deduction on both returns, just because i'm waiting for IRS to admit they made a mistake on that one too.