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Critical error that 2 or more premium sources are linked to multiple businesses for SE health insurance - review adjustments to income - nothing is entered there?

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I entered Marketplace form 1095-A on credit input form and selected the business K-1 under "SE Health Insurance"  I am getting a critical error that reads "Two or more health insurance premium sources are linked to multiple businesses for self-employment health insurance purposes. The program does not support linking self-employed health insurance to multiple businesses. Please review the Adjustments to Income and Form 1095-A input under the SE Health Insurance section."  I have nothing entered on the Adjustments to Income page at all?  What am I missing?
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, 

You can find your answer for most questions on critical diagnostics in our Find My Diagnostic Center. 

I believe this is the solution you are looking for: https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/lacerte-diagnostics/43487/ta-p/107124 

Betty Jo 

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@IntuitBettyJo This was posted as a PCT question, not Lacerte. 

@Tclair If you are in PCT, did you click on the diagnostic? It should take you to the input.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Agh, you are correct @George4Tacks my apologies @Tclair 

Definitely click on the diagnostic and it will jump you to the input as suggested.  Here is an article that might help as well Generating a self employed health insurance deduction 

-Betty Jo 

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