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Critical Diagnostic - MA State Mandate Healthcare Issue

Level 1

I entered that the taxpayer and his wife had health insurance all year and got this Critical Diagnostic:

"Input indicates that the taxpayer had insurance during the tax year. Please make sure that you enter the private insurance provider’s information or that the taxpayer participated in a Government-subsidized health insurance plan."

When I looked at the input screen, the only choices for private insurance (which they have) are: Insurance is free or the monthly cost of the insurance. I put entries in those to test, but it did not remove the diagnostic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Level 15

There is a search box with a magnifying glass, put "health insurance information" That should get you to the input you need for MA Schedule HC

Another way to find things is to Check Return and find the form you want, then find the box or line you want to do entry on CLICK that box or line and it generally will take you to the input.


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Level 1

Hi Jeff,

I got the same. I fixed it by clicking on Provider in the top right corner of the Massachusetts Schedule HC screen and filling out a separate Health Insurance Information card for each spouse. I used the same insurance company name and FEIN (one spouse is the subscriber and the second is a dependent on the plan) and entered their subscriber numbers as listed on the Form MA 1099-HC they received.

That cleared the Critical Diagnostic for me. Hope this helps!