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Client received W2 with entries in box 14 IRC 414H and IRC 125

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Client received W2 with entries in box 14 IRC 414H and IRC 125. I am not sure where to enter the, it's my understanding that they should be taxable

Thank you in advance

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Box 14 is informational.

125 Plan contributions are not taxable. Nor are 414(h) contributions.

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414h is instead of a 401k, and tells us this is a governmental employee. It is being reported because it is in a retirement account (trust) and will be taxed when taken. The only issue, as I recall, is whether it is considered employee or employer and subject to FICA, which should already have been computed and is part of that W2 already.

Box 14 is informational and neither of these is a separate entry for the 1040. A specific State might have some consideration for when they start taking that money, as a sourced income for retirement as taxed or not.

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