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Bug: D-30 Washington DC Mortgage Expense Payer Address Requirement

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It looks like PTO added a new feature this year to support the D-30 unincorporated business returns requirement that mortgage interest claimed as a deduction on rental properties in the DC area, list the name and address of the lender in the notes section.  While a nice and necessary feature to add, it doesn't work, generates critical diagnostics and does not flow through to the forms.

Where is the bug:  New field on Schedule E in support of D-30 in the mortgage interest section

When do you see it:  State specific field that shows when you have Washington DC as a supported state, and the D-30 checkbox in the part year/non-resident section selected.

What is it suppose to do:  You are suppose to enter the bank name and address along with the mortgage interest your claiming, and this is suppose to flow through to the "Statements" section of the tax return to comply with a DC requirement.


1.  The field doesn't work.  Nothing you enter flows through to the statement section except the mortgage interest itself.

2.  Critical Diagnostic generated:   "D-30, Schedule E from Federal Schedule E 1 the payee name is required for DC Form D-30, Schedule E. Enter the payee name of the lending institution"  Even though all info is provided.

3.  2nd Critical Diagnostic generated:  "Dist of Columbia e-file Form D-30, Schedule E from Federal Schedule E Payee Address #1: For electronic filing purposes, the address is required."  Even though all info is provided.

No current workaround.  (Other than ignoring critical diagnostics, printing out the return to PDF, and manually entering the missing name and address in the blank space provided in the statements section, using Adobe.)

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@IntuitBettyJo will bump this up the line for investigation.

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Community Manager

Hi there, 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  I have reported this issue to the appropriate team and I will update you as we have more information. 


-Betty Jo