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ACH Payment after 4/15 without extension filing

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With the tax payment and filing deadline extended to 7/15, how can we efile a return with an original 4/15 due date, but instruct PTO to debit the bank account on 7/15 which is after the 4/15 deadline.  Do not want to file extensions (paper or efile).  Do not want to wait until 4/15 to efile returns with ACH electronic bank payment instructions.   

Will Intuit change the programming or do we need to wait until after 4/15 to efile with ACH instructions for the July payment date?  

PTO generates an error message:

Electronic Payment of Balance Due (EFT): The payment date cannot be after the original tax due date of 4/15/2020.


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 Do not want to wait until 4/15 to efile returns with ACH electronic bank payment instructions.

Then remove the ACH electronic bank payment instructions, and give your clients a paper voucher.  OR tell them to log into the IRS website & pay what's due.

OR - be patient.  Give Intuit more than just 48 hours (& over a weekend...) to update the software.

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I have a sightly different take and doubt if it'd be reprogrammed since paying by Jul 15 is an option and not a default.

We're asking our clients to use Online payment instead and letting them know that there is no change as of this time on the due date for 2nd quarter, which could be confusing to some.

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