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2 hours on hold, finally got someone, then call disconnected


I'm beside myself with worry that ProConnect (Intuit) has gotten beyond repair.  Why such an increase in price, btw?  why was I on hold for 2 hours (officially 1:55:59) before it was answered. THEN he was happy to help me, phone went silent and in a few minutes it was disconnected.  OMG.  I'm obviously venting right now but I feel used since I'm all in with QB, PTO.  Now what can I do except just take this disservice from Intuit.  Yikes.

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Hello cmorgancpatax!

That is frustrating- I do hope we were able to reach back out to you. 

I do promise that we are attempting to be as efficient as possible during an extra-ordinary tax season. 

Is your question of the nature that it can be asked on this platform? I'd be willing to help!

~Intuit Tax Product Specialist

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Maybe, thanks for reaching out.  I've calmed down some.

I sent an esignature to MFJ couple but husband died in 2020.  I had not entered his date of death on the 2019 which means the esignature was asking the spouse to sign her husbands name.  That was our clue that I missed something.  So I entered DOD, I void the esign and resent esign.

Came to just her for her signature, all is well.  Until...the esign sent her a reminder from the voided esign with her husband still on there waiting for signature.  How do I turn this off?

Also, her signature envelope isn't available to me, I can see in the history that she signed it but it doesn't give me the download of the forms to print.

You may not be able to help, which is why I stayed on hold for so long.  


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