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1065 - How to allocate Self Rental income to one partner

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One member of this partnership has an office in the building.  In ProTaxConnect, how can I enter a special allocation for *only* the self rental income to this one partner?  The other members would have all passive commercial real estate rental income and $0 for self-rental.

please help!

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ARE you using both ProSeries and ProConnect software?  If not, please don't double post your questions.

Former Chump..umm... AllStar...This message was typed from 6 feet away so you can safely read it immediately.

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Curious use of capitalization. Not sure if your comment was constructive; thanks though.

Yes, I am using ProSeries and ProTaxConnect concurrently as I discern whether it will make sense to migrate my firm to the cloud based product.  So far, the limitations of PTC are outweighing the relative PPR cost savings.

I am still interested in a solution for this issue in ProTaxConnect from the community, if there is one.

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