What are the ProSeries Tax keyboard shortcuts?

Solution Description:

The keyboard shortcuts below allow you to quickly navigate through the program.

Command Keys:

Key Action Key Action
 Ctrl + A Calculator Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + C Copy Ctrl W Remove Form
Ctrl + D Override Ctrl X Cut
Ctrl J Find    
Ctrl N New Client Ctrl Shft+F Find / List Notes
Ctrl O Open Client Ctrl Shft+J Find Again
Ctrl P Print Client Ctrl Shft+L Select Line
Ctrl Q Quick Zoom Ctrl Shft+N Add / Edit Note
Ctrl S Save Client Ctrl Shft+S Supporting Statements
Ctrl T Tax Summary Ctrl F3 Sort Data in Table

Function Keys:

Key Action Key Action
 F1  Program Help  Shift F1  Help
 F3  Cross Reference  Pg Up  Page Up
 F4  Tax Help  Pg Dn  Page Down
 F6  Find Forms  Home  Front of Field
 F7  Find Next Error  End  End of Field
 F8  Mark as Estimated  Ctrl Home  Top of Form
 F9  Calculate Return  Ctrl End  Bottom of Form
 F10  Save Return  Alt F4  Exit
Tab  Go to next Field  Shft Tab  Go to Previous Field

Introduced in 2018, ProSeries offers improved dialogues to support shortcut keys and enable keyboard navigation without requiring mouse inputs.  All ProSeries dialogues support keyboard shortcuts and default navigation for the tax year 2018. This enables more efficient, heads-down data entry and navigation through tax returns -- using the keyboard by supporting hotkeys and logical default keystrokes.


  • Pressing “Esc” will close the dialogue without needing a mouse click to close
  • The primary button will always be the “Save” button (previously it was the“Cancel” button), which required using the mouse to save inputs. Now if the customer wants to save they can just hit enter.
  • All other buttons have a single letter underlined for the hotkey. Selecting that letter on the keyboard will activate the button