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Form 9465 Installment Payments

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When submitting the Form 9465 electronically with the 2019 efiled return, when will the 1st monthly installment begin?  Taxpayer elected direct debit for both partial & installments.  Intending to efile today with the initial partial payment  on 6/15/20 and remaining installments for the 25th of each month.  Will the IRS pull the 6/15/20 and 6/25/20 payments?  or will the first installment be processed on 7/25/20?  I could not find anything to set the 1st installment for 7/25/20?  Otherwise, thinking the only solution is to efile after 6/25/20 and change the partial payment date?

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It wont begin until IRS approves the payment plan, they send you that in writing via USPS regular mail.  This can take multiple months, even longer this year due to the quarantine and lack of IRS employees to process things like this.

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